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Computer hardware enthusiast. Electrical Engineering undergrad student. Business enquiries: yatharthsood00 (at) gmail (dot) com.
Intel’s last 5 flagship consumer CPUs, released 2015–2019: the i7’s 6700K, 7700K and 8700K and i9’s 9900K and 10900K. All of them are on the same process node. 5 generations of stagnation, when Intel’s previous cadence meant a node change after the third.

When Intel had the crown (of everything)

credit: kohlapse on r/vexillology

A modern Intel x86 CPU inside a motherboard socket. Credit: wccftech

A game that reduces the struggles of scientific and philosophical pursuit and does the opposite for poultry products makes me think a bit.

Egg, Inc. as you would see on your phone

Yatharth Sood

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