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Computer hardware enthusiast. Electrical Engineering undergrad student. Business enquiries: yatharthsood00 (at) gmail (dot) com.
Intel’s last 5 flagship consumer CPUs, released 2015–2019: the i7’s 6700K, 7700K and 8700K and i9’s 9900K and 10900K. All of them are on the same process node. 5 generations of stagnation, when Intel’s previous cadence meant a node change after the third.

Intel has been synonymous with new technology in CPUs for decades, but more recently, they have been fighting a long battle for making progress with their offerings

And how much will we see it affect the market?

Piracy has found its way everywhere, but the legalities and effects that relate to it are still very grey.

We talk about Intel and AMD in the CPU industry all the time, but there was another competitor in the party. Until id Software’s Quake moved things around for this third participant.

How has a market dynamic manufactured by strategy and circumstance led to the creation of a less innovative space, and how have other players woken up to it to work on changing it.

A modern Intel x86 CPU inside a motherboard socket. Credit: wccftech

A game that reduces the struggles of scientific and philosophical pursuit and does the opposite for poultry products makes me think a bit.

Yatharth Sood

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